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  1. JIMMY
    JIMMY meetthefeebles
    I know it's a long shot but are you at all interested in joining our premier league predictions league? Seeing as your boys are back in it, I thought you might be tempted out of retirement.
  2. JIMMY
    JIMMY Joe King
    At all interested in joining our premier league predictions league?
  3. JIMMY
    JIMMY cdogg187
    Are you at all interested in joining the predictions league this season?
  4. Nobleart
    Current Status: (None)
  5. JIMMY
    You're gonna need a bigger boat
  6. JIMMY
    JIMMY puerto rock
    Cheers mate. Just seen this message. Had a good one with family.
  7. puerto rock
    puerto rock JIMMY
    Happy bday, Jimmy! :partie:
  8. Joe King
    Joe King Ron King 702
    Yo are you still alive?
  9. meetthefeebles
    meetthefeebles JIMMY
    Jimmy, you free tonight? I'm in London if you.fancy a few beers bud?
  10. Little Big Bill
  11. DarkSec
    DarkSec Buddy Rydell
    I Will keep doing this until you take my advice.
  12. DarkSec
    DarkSec TKO
    Delete your /install directorty
  13. DarkSec
    DarkSec Buddy Rydell
    Hello, im the one who currently defaced your forumhome. Im trying to help you guys out. I hope you can understand this.
  14. LOK
    LOK Hanz
    Hanzy you are a WHORE
  15. Hut*Hut
    Hut*Hut Hanz
    Hanz, stop the animal mutilation threads please, not koo'
  16. Southern_Gentleman
    Southern_Gentleman StingerKarl
    Houston, we have a problem.
  17. Neil
    Neil Ali
  18. Buddy Rydell
    Buddy Rydell
    Magus, you should be able to post big ones. Most people drop and drag for the signature pics. Perhaps Anthony knows.
  19. Stepping Razor: Red X
    Stepping Razor: Red X Buddy Rydell
    Buddy - howcome, I can only post tiny, tiny avatar and signature pics....but other people's are GIGANTIC?
  20. HairysonFord
    HairysonFord Buddy Rydell
    Buddy, read my response in the barfight thread. LOL I tried to stir up the water! :O)
  21. HairysonFord
    HairysonFord Gutbestuckt
    GUBE!!!!! Just wanted to say hi to an old and trusted ally! Have a shot of scotch on ol' Hairy!
  22. JIMMY
    JIMMY ArturoGatti
    hi mate.

    before last night's England v italy game, slice had a 1 point advantage over you (8-7). He went for England to win 2-1 in 90 mins and you went for 1-1 england to win on pens, so how many points each do you believe you should both get?
  23. JIMMY
    JIMMY meetthefeebles
    Get your predictions in by tomorrow (before 17:00)

  24. Ali
    my message was meant for a thread, my apologies
  25. steve_dave
    steve_dave Ali
    I like wald pussy to stop him early.
  26. Ali
    Ali steve_dave
    Wald pussy looks game for this fight.
  27. phonetap
    Not bad, how've you been?
  28. Buddy Rydell
    Buddy Rydell phonetap
    Tapper, it's been way too long, my friend. :)
  29. ArturoGatti
    lol, thanks bruv
  30. Hut*Hut