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Thread: Hand-Speed Training

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    Default Hand-Speed Training

    I've started boxing training again as of yesterday after a few years lazing about and am pretty startled at how slow I feel.

    Compared to when I used to train my hand speed seems to have dropped off dramatically. I'm 22 years old so I don't think (hope :doh:) the decline is down to age.

    Is there some exercises or routines designed to increase speed, or am I doomed to be countered into bolivian?

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    One good way is to time how many you can throw in a minute. Then try to increase it by one or two punches per minute each time you practice. That's what we did in Kung Fu.

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    Allot of speed in the actual ring is down to your footwork & coordination. You gotta have that solid base to immediately fire from when the opening arises, rather than having to set then fire. So shadow boxing is a good idea.

    Double end bag is great for timing and accuracy as well, if you don't have one. Get one dirt cheap, about $20-30.

    Hand clap push ups are great as well for speed and plyometric power. Try working up to sets of ten double claps, then progress to drop push ups from two cinder blocks and work up to the same.

    Some light shot putting or ballistic medicine ball floor pressing would help.

    Another option you might not have tried is the static-dynamic method. Hold the starting part of a punch, lets say a jab, against a wall focusing on exerting max power and speed for 3 seconds. Then either immediately jab the bag three times or immediately pick up a small medicine ball and jab it against the heavy bag/wall three times. Repeat for the three phases of a punch (beginning, middle and landing point) & repeat for right cross and hook. Don't overuse that technique though, because isometrics are quite taxing on the CNS. 3x a week would be plenty.
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