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Thread: Roy Jones Heads Home For Family Time

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    Default Roy Jones Heads Home For Family Time

    Monday, October 25, 2008, Pensacola, FL -- Roy Jones Jr, has been training in California, PA. located in the hill country, 25 miles south of Pittsburgh, This past weekend Roy returned to Pensacola, which he has done for every big fight that he has trained away from home, to see family and friends before taking on undefeated Joe Calzaghe on Nov. 8th at Madison Square Garden.

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    watching that 24/7...all the love love shit...Is ROY JONES even training for Calzaghe? Or is he going into the fight hoping for a miracle punch or something...?

    He seem toooo calm with himself....

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    Too bad Roy Jones was an arrogant prick when he was at his best.

    Now that he's shot, he seems like a cool down to earth guy.

    Thank You Tarver (and Johnson) for humbling Roy...
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