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Thread: Fernando Vargas vs. Roberto Duran @ 154

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    Default Fernando Vargas vs. Roberto Duran @ 154

    Vargas beat Wright who beat Mosley who beat DLH who beat Camacho who beat Duran.

    From the r/boxing thread: "Sorry, what do the numbers mean? Santa Cruz 10-9, for example."
    Quote Originally Posted by Xplosive View Post
    Yeah, only Tito hits the deck for about 3-4 seconds. Then he gets up, and leaves Ortiz on the deck for 3-4 minutes.
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    X, I agree with you if it were the Trinidad that pounded the likes of Whitaker and ODH. But this is Trinidad without his hand-wraps! It's a totally different fight. I think Ortiz knocks him out.

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    The Duran who beat Moore at 154 would make Vargas look a lot like Moore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by loadedgloves View Post
    The Duran who beat Moore at 154 would make Vargas look a lot like Moore.
    Basically. I think prime Vargas would be more competitive than Moore though. But still takes a vicious beating, and eventually gets stopped. Duran TKO 11.
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    Duran all the way. Even a half interested Duran beats Vargas.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dog Jones View Post
    Vargas beat Wright who beat Mosley who beat DLH who beat Camacho who beat Duran.
    All true, and the logical conclusion is Duran wins a fairly competitive decĂ­sion.
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    Vargas does not see the final bell here
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    Duran should win this one convincingly. Unless, of course (any excuse available)
    Quote Originally Posted by "Pascals Wager"

    I was thinking in my head & in my head I think that Styles makes fights is good.
    Its true because when someone beats someone who beat them its confusing like when Frazer beat Ali and Ali beat Foreman who beat Frazer Its because of styles make fights Foreman hits harder than Ali and that made him able to knock out Frazer But Foreman could not knock out Ali because Ali was different to Frazier with his style.
    and also, the jab is a good punch to do.

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