from fightnews:
"In addition to De La Hoya-Mayweather, the 54.95 pay-per-view telecast will also feature two other fights, featherweight Rocky Juarez against Jose Hernandez and super bantamweights Rey Bautista against Sergio Medina."

I mean, come the fuck on. You have the chance to expose millions of potential new fans to some of your fighters and you give us this? Add to this that we all know that the main event could be uneventful and the potential to leave people with a bad taste in their mouths after spending $55 bucks at home (or a lot more in person) is just too great.

It's not like DLH doesn't have some good fighters, either. This is just poor management. Give Don King a main event like this and 90% of the time he floods the undercard with meaningful, interesting title fights. Hell, he would have untelevised title fights or the old teaser fight shown on network tv earlier in the day to get the card started.

All the eggs are in one basket here. I hope it works out.